980nm Pumps


980 nm Pump Lasers – Single Chip

II-VI Photonics offers a variety of single-chip pump lasers addressing all areas of low noise all-optical amplification and power consumption requirements. Increasingly, network providers are concerned with component density and power consumption which translates into cost of installation and cost of ownership of a network. To address this, II-VI Photonics offers a suite of 980 nm pump lasers from uncooled, semi-cooled and traditional-cooled pumps over a set of market leading power ranges.



Traditional cooled pumps

  • 14-pin and new 10-pin package format
  • To 1000 mW power range
  • -20 to 75 C operating temperature

Semi-cooled pumps

  • 14-pin and new 10-pin package format
  • To 600 mW power range
  • -20 to 75 C operating temperature

Uncooled pumps

  • SFF 8-pin and new 10-pin package format
  • To 500 mW power range
  • -5 to 75 C
  • High return loss


  • Multi-stage DWDM
  • Low-noise EDFA
  • SFF and micro-amp applications


Cooled 10-pin, 200 to 600 mW D50563-PB
Cooled 14-pin, 200 to 600 mW D50561-PB
Cooled 10-pin, Low power consumption, 200 to 600mW D50564-PB
Cooled 14-pin, Low power consumption, 200 to 600mW D50562-PB
Cooled 10-pin, 610 mW to 1W D50574-PB
Uncooled 8-pin, 110 to 300 mW D50569-PB
Uncooled 10-pin, 310 to 500 mW D50570-PB


980 nm Pump Lasers – Dual Chip

II-VI Photonics is continuing to differentiate and lead the market by developing both cooled and uncooled Dual-Chip Pump solutions. Developed with individually addressable and dynamically independent lasers specifically to address both MUX and DEMUX portions of arrayed amplification, dual chip solutions offer a significant advantage in terms of component density, transient control, reliability, power consumption and cost.



Cooled dual-chip pump

  • Legacy 14-pin package
  • Covering 2x 810 mW power range
  • -20 to 75 C operating temperatures

Uncooled dual-chip pump

  • New 10-pin package
  • Covering 2x 500 mW power range
  • -5 to 75 C operating temperatures


  • Arrayed amplification
  • MSA and multi-stage DWDM
  • Low-noise EDFA


Cooled, dual chip D00358-PB
Uncooled, dual chip D00526-PB


Micro Pumps




  • Integrated amplification within high bit-rate transceiver modules - CFP2/4


  • FBG located within the package supports shorter fibre lengths
  • 80um PANDA PM fibre supports 5mm bend radius
  • Pins support through-hole and surface mount forming and soldering


  • 80°C operating temperature range
  • Up to 300mW kink-free output power
  • Typically <1W power consumption


High-Power Pumps




  • High noise EDFAs
  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) EDFAs
  • CATV Applications


  • SFF 10-pin mBTF MSA package
  • Kink free powers to 1050mW
  • SM fibre and FBG for optimal wavelength locking
  • Optimised Power Stability


  • 610 to 1050mW optical output power
  • < 8W total module consumption
  • Operating temp range from -20 to 75°C